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Three chamber basins - Septic system vasca a 3 camere

New Jersey street barriers made of reinforced concrete (visible side) with joint socket and connection with steel plates and screws.

Models :
series 1 for 6 people
series 1 for 17 people
series 1 for 20 people
series 2 for 30 people
series 3 for 50 people
series 3 for 66 people


CESSPIT WITH THREE CHAMBERS according to UNI EN 12566-1:2004 TYPE “EUROSTAR” featuring .…… wells with 2200 mm in diameter and a height of  ……….mm. Wall’s thickness: 100 mm. Produced without construction joints and “ARS” concrete. The entrance as well as the output hole both present NBR-sealings, which permits and garantee hydraulic sealing. The intern accessories are made of stainless steel and polyethylene. Slabs and skittle players – height 670 mm –  complete the basins. Manhole cover in cast iron, height 150 mm.